Here at Kadie Ashman we have the best concealed carry handbags because we focus on what we can offer our client. we are inspired by different trends and design so we are constantly making sure that we are updating our product. We want to be different than our market. We understand that woman often update their purses. With 65% of women carrying handbags we want to make sure that our handbags are chosen by you. how do we do that you may ask? well, by making sure that we stay.

Some of the best concealed carry handbags that we offer are our over the shoulder handbag. I over the shoulder handbags are the perfect size for you. what is important to us is your safety and your comfort. That is why we offer 7 x 9 sealed carry pocket. we understand that carrying weapons can often times be annoying due to the fact that they are so bulky so we want to get you the perfect size pocket that’ll fit your concealed carry gun. with our handbags you’ll say here concealed carry weapon in it but it will not take the space of other items that you may need to be carrying in your purse.

Another one of our best concealed carry handbags is our cross body style. body central bag is made from hundred percent vegan leather. How awesome is that? You still get the leather design that you like with the peace of mind that no animal was harmed in the process. Our cross body straps are adjustable for your own comfort. Not only are caught cross body straps adjustable for your comfort but also for your convenience. The drop link of our adjustable straw strives is about 20 inches from the top of the shoulder to the very top of the bag.

Kadie Ashman initially took time to analyze different brands and various designers to fit her idea of what a good handbag should offer, but nothing caught her attention. Katie decided to create the difference she wanted to see in the market. She decided to design something that can be useful in various different situations, and she created just that. If you are constantly in places where you feel your saftey is a concern we can offer you that protection, if you get asked out on a date and want to be in style we want to offer you that style, or if you simply want a daily handbag that works for your everyday functions well we want to offer you the handbag that best suits you.

At the end of the day our customers are who we are looking to please. That is why we are constantly looking at ways we can improve. We focusing on making sure we are offering you the best product in the market. We focus on style but we also stress the importance of quality. If our products are products that work for you check out our website at or call us at 844-385-3858. We are looking forward to offering you the product that you love.

We offer the best concealed carry handbags because we focus on things many other companies don’t focus on such as, quality, style, and the over all necessity for safety. With this day and age we understand that safety is very important because of lot of time unfortunately there has been tragic events where people have been in a situation where their safety was tested. So we understand the importance of having protection on you at all times. But we also understand how annoying it can be to have to carry a bulky weapon on your head. But how easy is it just for like you do everything else and just go on with your day? That’s only one offer anyone offer you convenience and comfort.

One of our best concealed carry handbags are our different over the shoulder handbags. We offer a variety of styles and colors such as, our Kelly Brown studded vegan leather bag,Our Montana black studded zipper bag, or are paid Brown weave bag. These styles that are mentioned are just a few of the styles that we offer here at Kadie Ashman.

What sets us apart from other companies and why we have the best concealed carry handbags is our desire to be the best. Lets get back to the question of what is most important to us? well its simple that you get what you pay for. So not only are we focusing on the ability to carry a concealed weapon with you want to focus on the quality of our bags. we want to make sure that we purchase our bags you have to come back for another one because ours was on the quality you expected. We understand that it is super inconvenient to have to constantly replacing your handbags. We don’t want to be a company that focuses so much on style that we don’t focus on quality and as a result we have an unhappy customer.

Our customers are important to us. This is why we like to offer different promotions for our customers. If you sign up for your first handbag we offer 10% off. Well you probably are wondering what if it’s not my first handbag what promotions do I get? Well we also have a deal of the week where we offer one of our purses for a deal you dont want to miss out on. how great is that? You get the person you want to deal you can.

If what we have to offer is something that interests you feel free to check out our website at or even call us at 844-385-3858. on our website you can get to know more about our company and more about what we want to offer you. You can see a variety of different styles and you can order it directly on our website. We make the check out process super easy and simple for those of you are not so tech savy. If for some reason you are having trouble we do have someone available to take your call. We look forward to hearing from you.