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This content is written for Kadie Ashman

We have certainly done a lot better job at building purses than anyone else has. All the handbags that we build are going to last for a very long time. If you are looking for a handbag that is going to last for a long time and please let us help you find it. We love making really great looking handbags and doing a good job at it. We were told a long time ago to either be good to be good at it. We have been both and we are going to continue to be good at building these purses because we have inspiration that strikes us every day.

The information that we find is in all the daily activities that we do on a daily basis. We love creating value through building a really cool looking person. If you would like us to make a vegan purse option for you than please let us know. We know that many of the people that love the vegan options are going to despise any authentic leather being used. This is why we do not use authentic leather. We do not want to harm animals. Please let us help you define your life by offering fashion that will actually push your confidence.

The Bixby boutique options that we have available today will help you boost your confidence by giving you a better look and better feel right away. We truly enjoy working with you because we want to be able to offer you inspiration through country-western jewelry. We create designs that in turn hopefully inspire you. We are inspired to create the pieces that you will have with you at all times. We love creating these lifestyle companions for you that we call handbags.

It gives you a better way to carry the things that you need in your life. We are extremely careful whenever we build handbags because we not only want to for our heart and soul into it but we want to design something that is going to show how attentive we are to the minute details of the person. Everything from the actual seems to the material used is something that we have spent a long time deciding upon. We have became the market standard when it comes to having a purse. We design and manufacture them right here in the Bixby area.

The best Bixby boutique I have ever been to is definitely going to be Kadie Ashman. She has such style and always treat you like a family member. If you do want to be treated like a family member within a fashion boutique that call us were come by. Please do not wait any longer be aware of where the material in here clothing handbags are coming from. So aware of the that we only use vegan material now. Please get in touch with us at 844.385.3858 or go

Bixby boutique | excited about Teal

This content is written for Kadie Ashman

We want to get back to the old school fashion designer look. The designs that have surely been inspired by nature and the surroundings around us. We worked diligently to give you an amazing experience. We have a great balance between country couture and the foreman fashion of a futuristic design. If the design is not functional than it is defeated. We are the best Bixby boutique around. We continue to offer wonderful design that looks great and feels even better when you wear it.

We offer a vegan options for the handbags that we build. The handbags that we build are only made with the highest material. The highest quality material does not cost as much as these little baton and coach purses do. Stop spending money on a purse because of a logo when we can design the you a logo and put this on your purse. We will be able to do this for a quarter of the price because we are not fast fashion industry hogs. We are a small town designer that loves creating fashion for people. We love building you a fashionable look at that you enjoy. If you do love enjoying your look and would like to enjoy a more please get in contact with us now to find out what we can do to make you happy.

We are very determined to create a collection that is going to bless you every time you open your closet. If you would love to have a really awesome fashion look then let us know you created for you. If there are certain colors that you want in your design let us know. Peel and pink have got to be our favorite. We make camo on almost everything. The camo look is great. Camouflages like bacon everything is better with it. If you want the fabulous look of pink hunting camouflage, let us know.

We do you a favor by offering is designed to you anytime you ask us. We right here in the Bixby area so anytime you would love to have an experience inside of a Bixby boutique that has actually been curated the right way let us know. We are the best haberdashery is in the area and if you would like us to build something for you then ask us. We love curating fashion and giving you the best of the best. Work with a wonderful designer like Kadie Ashman and you will never look back.

When the handbag market gets dug deep we dig deeper. We look for inspiration throughout all the collections that we see of the year and then go back to our Oklahoma roots and create something country. All of our designs are inspired by the Oklahoma wilderness. We love animals and never want to kill an animal to make a bag so we only use vegan options let us know now what we can do for you to create a bag in you love right here at 844.385.3858 or go