Something special happens when what you want is suddenly within reach. Moments seem richer. Experiences evolve. And, all at once, the pieces seem to come together — and the results surprise and delight.

That’s the inspiration behind Kadie Ashman. After spending years designing and manufacturing country- and western-inspired jewelry for the wholesale market, Kadie wanted more — more for herself and more for her clients. She immediately dug into the handbag market, looking for a collection that was inspiring, affordable and high-quality — something her clients would want to carry today and tomorrow.

But despite pouring through endless brands and designers, nothing she saw spoke to her — nothing struck that all-important balance between country and couture, form and function, high fashion and high value. So she decided she would take the reigns and be the driving force behind a new collection of luxury handbags — handbags for real women. Handbags real women could afford.

Determined to create a collection that picked up where the rest of the industry left off, Kadie dove in with a fashion-meets-function sensibility — the sensibility of today’s woman. With bold colors and neutrals, distressed and refined finishes and, even, concealed carry pockets, Kadie Ashman’s fresh, diverse collection drew influences from country and western fashion and Kadie’s own creative experiences, all culminating in handbags that are as on-trend as they are completely timeless.

But it doesn’t stop there. Anyone can design a beautiful bag — that’s why Kadie Ashman goes a step further. By working with a leading global manufacturer, sourcing high-quality materials and keeping an unwavering eye on fabrication and finishing, every bag from every collection represents the utmost in affordable luxury. They’re bags that tell a story — your story. And they’re the bag you’ll be proud to carry.

Welcome to Kadie Ashman. Welcome to style redefined.